4 Interesting Names Lead The Race To Be Bears’ Next Head Coach

NFL Analysis Network

Immediately following the conclusion of the Chicago Bears’ 2021 NFL season, they made the move to fire head coach Matt Nagy. They also fired general manager Ryan Pace. Now, the team is searching for a new head coach to lead the team into a brand new era of football next season.

There are quite a few things that would make the Bears an intriguing destination for any coaching candidates. First and foremost, they have a talented young quarterback in Justin Fields. They also have a solid defense and quite a few pieces to build around.

According to the odds shared by Pro Football Focus, there are currently four intriguing names leading the race to become the Bears’ new head coach. Those names are Leslie Frazier, Pat Fitzgerald, Jim Harbaugh, and Josh McDaniels.

What an interesting list of coaching candidates. Frazier has previous head coaching experience, but his hire would be a bit overwhelming. He isn’t the kind of elite coach that the Bears need to help get them back on track.

As for Fitzgerald, that would be a very intriguing move. Dipping into the college football market has been a very hit or miss situation in recent years. Fitzgerald is a great college head coach, but there is no guarantee that his style would translate to the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh is a name that has been talked about a lot for the Bears’ coaching job. He seems to be interested in the idea of leaving Michigan and joining Chicago would be a perfect fit for him. Not only is he an excellent football coach, the way he could mentor Fields would be a massive bonus for the Bears.

Finally, Josh McDaniels is back in the coaching search game just a few years after completely screwing over the Indianapolis Colts. After agreeing to become the Colts’ coach, McDaniels ended up backing out of his deal. He is a great offensive mind and could be a good fit for the Bears, but his personality and morals are a big question mark.

Expect to continue hearing more news and rumors about the Bears’ coaching search in the coming days. They should be looking to make a move soon and it will be interesting to see who they pick.