4 major takeaways from the Bears vs. Lions matchup in Week 1

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears, Lions
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The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions entered Week 1 as a matchup that no one truly knew what to expect from. When everything was said and done, it was actually one of the more entertaining games on Sunday.

After being down 23-6 entering the fourth quarter, Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears scored 21 unanswered and ended up winning the game by a final score of 27-23. It was a crazy comeback, to say the least.

On the final drive of the game, the Lions had an excellent opportunity to steal the win. Matthew Stafford made a beautiful pass to the end zone that hit rookie running back D’Andre Swift in the hands. Unfortunately, the rookie dropped the pass and the Bears took home the win.

Both teams are going to be intriguing to watch throughout the season. For the Bears, it will be interesting to see if they can make some noise in the NFC playoff picture. Detroit, on the other hand, is looking to do the same thing despite having a young roster that needs to prove themselves.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at four major takeaways from the Bears vs. Lions matchup in Week 1.

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  1. Stop it! Stop it right now! The Lions’ goose is already cooked and it’s not even close to thanksgiving. I don’t care that it’s the first game of the season. This game showed that Matt Patricia and Matthew Stafford are already in late-season form. From bad coaching, especially in regards to defensive scheming and adjustments, to the always perfectly timed interception, nothing has changed from the last two seasons; with the notable exception of Adrian Peterson. If Patricia had done the simplest thing of running the ball more in the second half, his injury-riddled and poorly coached defense wouldn’t have gotten exposed and taken advantage of by a marginally competent Trubisky. Nothing to see here folks. This is a rerun. A sad song on stuck on repeat. The best thing this team can do now is tank for Trevor Lawrence and hope the Ford family fires Patricia and GM Bob Quin at season’s end.

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