4 most impressive statistics for the New England Patriots from 2019

Tom Brady, Colts
Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

4. The Patriots averaged 26.3 points per game

During the season, the struggles of New England’s offense were well-documented in the media. But by listening to the media, you would have thought that the Patriots were scoring 16 points per game.

On the contrary, the Patriots averaged 26.3 points per game despite being shorthanded with playmakers on offense. Some people may say that the defense was the reason why New England scored so many points.

The Patriots had 177 drives on offense in 2019 and 29 of them began on the opposing team’s side of the field. In addition, only 19 of those drives ended in points for New England.

Therefore, the offense actually performed a bit better than it appeared they did. After watching New England this season, it’s hard to believe they had the seventh-best scoring offense in the NFL.