4 perfect landing spots for Kyle Trask in the 2021 NFL Draft

Kyle Trask, NFL Draft
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For much of the college football season, Kyle Trask was an incredible quarterback on a talented Florida Gators team. He had the worst game of his season during the bowl game against Oklahoma, which placed a shadow over the rest of his accomplishments. Despite that poor performance, Trask is still considered by many to be a first-round prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft.

He will need some time to become used to the speed of the NFL and will likely benefit on a team with a stable of playmakers around him. However, for teams needing a future quarterback, Trask could be someone to look at.

Here are the four best fits for Kyle Trask in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben won’t be around forever, and eventually the Steelers are going to need to find their replacement for the future. Last year showed that without Big Ben, this team really struggles to find any momentum or success on offense.

Not only getting the heir apparent, but a viable backup in case of injury would help Pittsburgh have more confidence entering the season. While this move might be hard for some fans to swallow, considering how an influx of talent could help win now, this move would be about staying competitive in the long run.

With a division full of young promising quarterbacks, the Steelers need to invest or else get left behind when Big Ben leaves. Kyle Trask could be a good fit for Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I have stopped betting against Tom Brady. Maybe he will play forever, and the Buccaneers will never need a replacement. Maybe he will sign a lifetime extension and Tampa Bay will never have to worry about the quarterback position again.

However, in order to cover their bases, Tampa Bay will likely be looking for a quarterback soon in the NFL Draft. Brady will be able to play until he decides to call it quits. However, the Buccaneers will likely want to bring in a young quarterback to learn from Brady.

A year under Brady would be a huge benefit for Kyle Trask and would likely have him ready when Brady does retire.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts were narrowly defeated in the playoffs, but the success of getting there show that this is a team that is set up to win now. The problem is going to be at the quarterback position.

Philip Rivers could come back and lead the team for another year, in which case, Trask could learn and develop on the bench. Or Rivers could decide to retire meaning the Colts would need a replacement soon.

Either way Trask could benefit from going to a team that is set up to win now and has the pieces around him to be successful. The Colts are a team to keep a close eye on for Kyle Trask in the NFL Draft.

Los Angeles Rams

This is the only situation mentioned in this article where Trask would come in and be an immediate starter from day one. That would be hard on the rookie, but, there are a few reasons this could work.

One is that the Rams would have enough playmakers around him to help him be successful in the role. He would have a talented offensive line to give him protection too. The biggest thing is that Kyle Trask would be asked to do the least on this team.

With a dominant defense, the Rams’ offense mostly needs to avoid mistakes and capitalize on short field position. Trask could come in and start small while getting reps as the full-time starter. If the Rams want to make a change at quarterback, taking Trask in the 2021 NFL Draft would make sense.

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