4 perfect options for the Dolphins at No. 18 in the NFL Draft

D'Andre Swift, Dolphins, NFL Draft
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2020 NFL Draft Combine continues moving forward, the Miami Dolphins are looking at quite a few players who could help them break out of their rebuilding process and into playoff contention. Brian Flores and the Dolphins showed positive signs down the stretch of the 2019 season, but more talent must be added.

Thankfully, Miami has a ton of cap space to work with and a plethora of draft picks. They have the No. 5, No. 18, and No. 26 overall picks in the draft. For now, let’s focus on No. 18 and what they could possibly do with that selection.

While the Dolphins likely aren’t going to break out into playoff contenders next season, they could take a big step forward. However, there is also the chance that they shock the NFL like the San Francisco 49ers did this season.

With all of the picks and cap space the Dolphins have, they are going to be a very interesting team to watch this offseason. If they can bring in three young players who can be immediate impact players, things are going to be looking very bright for the future.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at four perfect options for the Dolphins with the No. 18 overall pick.

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