4 QB’s the Washington Football Team should pursue in the offseason

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The Washington Football Team is coming off a playoff berth in a rather weak NFC East. While the offense had some issues, Washington’s defense has elite potential. However, the Washington Football Team has a solid receiving corps, a great young back, and a very good offensive line. If Washington lands a solid quarterback, they could run this division for many years to come.

Although they were able to win games with Alex Smith, the lack of a true franchise quarterback limits this teams potential. Washington right now is in danger of falling into the same trap the Chicago Bears are in. They have a defense that is good enough to carry them to a decent record and a possible playoff berth. However, they will never get out of the first round without a quality quarterback.

There are a few veteran quarterbacks who may be available over the offseason. While some are likely to re-sign, there are quarterbacks who may jump ship. Usually, it is very hard for rookie quarterbacks to immediately jump in and go on a Super Bowl run. However, if Washington signs a veteran quarterback they may be able to make a serious playoff run.

While signing a veteran may be a short-term solution, drafting a quarterback sets the franchise up for long-term success. While the Football Team has a defense capable of winning games, they are very young. Washington’s best years are ahead of them.

Here are four QB’s the Washington Football Team should pursue in the offseason.

Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett was not bad during his tenure as a starter with the Colts. However, Indianapolis felt as though they needed a more aggressive quarterback in Philip Rivers. Therefore, Brissett returning to Indianapolis is highly unlikely. The Washington Football Team would likely be able to sign Brissett for much less than a proven Pro Bowl quarterback.

While he doesn’t have a monster arm, Jacoby Brissett is athletic and doesn’t force many turnovers. He has a higher ceiling than Alex Smith, but he won’t be winning any MVP awards.

If Washington signs Brissett, they will need to build a very good team around him. Washington would have to rely on their defense and the run game, which is still a winning recipe.

Brissett’s athletic ability would be a major factor in signing with Washington. We have seen Ron Rivera work with mobile quarterbacks before. Cam Newton was an MVP before injuries began to hamper his career. It is possible than Brissett would find success in Washington.

Gardner Minshew II – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars hold the first pick of the draft. It is very likely that they will draft Trevor Lawrence. Gardner Minshew II has shown he can be a valuable starting quarterback.

While there are limitations to his game, Minshew is a starting caliber quarterback. Wahington doesn’t need a superstar at quarterback. They need someone who can get the ball in the hands of their playmakers.

Minshew is an excellent leader who is very competitive. He brings a fire to his teammates and is someone a team can build around. Minshew is very young, and still has room to grow. While he is young, Minshew has a clear understanding of how to run an offense. He is smart and doesn’t force any throws.

While he would be more of a game manager, Minshew has proven he can win games when his back is against the wall. The Washington Football Team would need to give up something for Minshew, likely a third or fourth-round pick. He would be someone they can build around rather than reaching on a quarterback in the draft.

Trey Lance – South Dakota State

One of the most intriguing prospects in this draft is Trey Lance. Lance played one game this year, which marked the end of South Dakota State’s season. However, the season prior Lance was absolutely phenomenal.

He threw 28 touchdowns with zero interceptions. Lance also added 1,100 yards rushing and 14 rushing touchdowns. He is the most dynamic quarterback in this draft with possible MVP level upside.

While Lance was statistically outstanding, he has his doubters. Some say that Lance’s lack of competition is going to mislead some and if he were in the FBS he would not have been as good. However, Carson Wentz went to the same school and went second overall in a much weaker draft class.

Others says Lance’s running style will not translate. He often would lower his shoulder like a running back and plow through defenders. That will be much more difficult to do in the NFL.

Lance’s best player comparison is Dak Prescott. They both have similar arm talent and are both very athletic. Lance may be slightly more athletic.

There is a chance the Washington Football may have to trade up to land Lance. But, if Lance grows into his potential, Washington could be a dominant team in the NFL for many years to come.

Mac Jones – Alabama

Winning is something that you cannot teach, and Mac Jones is coming off of a National Championship. Jones isn’t a very flashy quarterback, but he is young and has a lot of arm talent. Jones throws the ball with a lot of accuracy and is able to put a lot of zip on the ball. Washington would have a quarterback capable of making big plays and getting the ball downfield to his playmakers.

While he doesn’t have ideal athleticism, all the tools for a pocket quarterback are there. Not every quarterback needs to be a running threat. Jones has one of the best arms in the entire draft.

Jones is a very smart quarterback as well. While some will look at Alabama’s receivers and say Jones was made by his wideouts, Jones has shown he can thread the needle and throw into tight windows.

His playing ability reminds me of Derek Carr. He can push the ball downfield, but he isn’t a gunslinger and is very patient. The Washington Football Team would have a young quarterback with a lot of arm talent that has proven he can win on a big stage. Washington would likely not have to trade any picks for Jones.

There may be more talented players available when Washington’s pick comes around, but if they want to elevate their offense Mac Jones would be a solid choice.