49ers QB Trey Lance Doesn’t Hold Back On Patrick Mahomes

Trey Lance, Patrick Mahomes, 49ers
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The San Francisco 49ers are heading into training camp with a very intriguing situation at quarterback. Brock Purdy is still expected to end up being the team’s starter, but both Trey Lance and Sam Darnold are more than capable of starting as well. Lance has been mentioned in quite a few trade rumors, but those have not come to fruition.

While Lance is still on the 49ers and not expected to start, there is no question that he has the potential to become a special quarterback in the NFL. When and where that talent will be given a chance remains to be seen.

This offseason, Lance spent some time with Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. After spending that time with the best quarterback in the NFL, Lance did not hold back on his opinion of him.

“Being able to be around Patrick was awesome. Just picking his brain, learning about just the type of guy he is, how he spends his free time, offseason, and then more about his in-season schedule as well.”

“I learned a ton,” Lance said. “I was able to focus on the right things. Just having a better idea, even better this year coming into year three of what is expected of me, how to run the offense, being able to watch Jimmy and Brock play at such a high level.”

So far throughout his NFL career, Lance has only played in eight games. He started the 2022 season as the team’s starter, but an injury ended that tenure quickly.

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In the eight games he has played, Lance has completed 54.9 percent of his pass attempts for 797 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. He has also picked up 235 yards and a touchdown on the ground.

Those numbers aren’t great, but they aren’t horrible either. Plenty of quarterbacks have put up much worse production what that amount of playing time.

Perhaps, being able to learn from a talent like Patrick Mahomes will help Trey Lance take the next step. Wherever he ends up getting a chance to showcase his skill, Lance will no doubt be ready. It will be interesting to see where and when that happens.