5 bold predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Bills in Week 6

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Patrick Mahomes Will Improve His October Record

This one may come across as strange as when we think of Patrick Mahomes, we think of his greatness. But, surprisingly, Mahomes struggles in the month of October. You could say it’s because teams don’t pick it up until late October, early November, and that’s what makes it odd.

Since becoming a starter in 2018, Patrick Mahomes has never lost a game in the month of September. In fact, he is 10-0. But, his play declines in the month of October. His October record thus far in his career is 5-4. Last year, he had missed two games in October due to a knee injury, but regardless, his record significantly drops in the month of October.

In last week’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Mahomes didn’t look as sharp as usual. I do not know what it is about the month of October, but, he made some poor reads in the game versus the Raiders. He threw a late interception that ultimately helped seal the win for the Raiders. Give credit to the Raiders for playing well on the offensive end putting up 40 points, but, it was mainly poor play by the Chiefs.

Remember, in their game against New England, Mahomes once again played poorly. I expect the Bills to come into this with a similar defensive scheme to that of New England, but I see Mahomes playing way better.

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