5 bold predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Broncos in Week 7

Denver Broncos, Drew Lock
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs Will Hold The Denver Broncos To 13 Points

The Broncos offense isn’t explosive by any means, and they will most likely be without Melvin Gordon again this week. But, in a divisional game, teams are familiar with one another and know how to exploit the other’s weaknesses. Drew Lock has shown he can play in this league. As alluded to earlier, he made some great throws in the game versus New England that just weren’t completed.

He will have quite the task this week as he will going up against the 9th ranked scoring defense in the NFL. The Chiefs currently allow 21.2 points per game. In this week’s game, they will hold the Broncos to just 13 points.

The Chiefs have yet to have that dominant performance. Outside of their win over Baltimore on Monday Night Football, they just haven’t looked like the same team as they have in the past. Could it be possible that more and more defenses are beginning to figure out Patrick Mahomes? Perhaps. But, figure out would be too dire of a term to use as he is still producing great numbers.

Granted, Bill Belichick showed the NFL the way with 2 high safeties (cover 2, 4, 6), rushing 3 and dropping more people into coverage. Regardless, the Chiefs have displayed their true talent as they have found ways to win despite things not going their way.

This week, they will have that dominant performance. This week, they will remind the NFL that they are the reigning defending Super Bowl champions. It will start with their defense, as they will have another impressive performance.