5 bold predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Broncos in Week 7

Chiefs, Ravens, Patrick Mahomes
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes Will Remain Undefeated Against The Broncos

Patrick Mahomes first start in the NFL came against the Denver Broncos. He is 5-0 against them. Typically, divisional games can swing either way as both teams are very familiar with one another. But, Mahomes has this Denver defenses’ number.

Remember, Mahomes showed flashes of his greatness against the Broncos with the left handed pass in 2018 on Monday Night Football. While the Chiefs are struggling this year, it is still early and I mean, they are 5-1. Mahomes is known to struggle in the month of October and in the game against Buffalo, he looked pretty solid given the weather conditions.

While they rode the tail of their run game, they were able to make the big plays when called upon. Thus far in 2020, Mahomes does have 15 touchdowns and 1 interception. Which — besides Russell Wilson’s 19/3 ratio — is very impressive. The Broncos lost DE Von Miller before the season started, but this defense continues to fight and puts up a fight no matter who they play.

Last year, these two teams had a battle in a blizzard and Mahomes was still able to sling the ball around. I expect Mahomes to have a nice game this weekend, improving his team’s record to 6-1 and his personal record versus the Broncos to 6-0.