5 Bold Predictions for the New York Jets in the 2018 Season

The New York Jets surprised everyone last year. And they’re primed to do it again.

Okay, maybe in some contexts, going 5-11 isn’t exactly “surprising” everyone. But the 2017 Jets were widely-regarded as a talent-devoid squad with holes across the board. 3-13 was a generous preseason prediction. 0-16 was not off limits.

The Jets didn’t go 0-16. And they didn’t go 3-13. In fact, they had three wins by the end of Week 5. The Jets would ultimately go 2-9 down the stretch, finishing at 5-11, but for a large portion of the season, the Jets were competitive, notching wins against teams like the AFC Championship dwelling Jaguars, and the explosive 2017 Kansas City Chiefs. Josh McCown had a surprisingly competent season at quarterback, and Todd Bowles showed resolve, coaching up a team with a considerable amount of issues.

Now, in 2018, many of those perceived issues still remain. The Jets’ starting quarterback is still unknown, and their skill position core on offense is filled with many unknowns. The offensive line could use some work, and the performance of the defense will depend largely on the development of key starters. If nothing else, there is inconclusiveness surrounding the 2018 New York Jets.

Nevertheless, players will emerge for the Jets this season, some out of necessity, and some because they truly have the skills to do so. Todd Bowles helped the 2017 Jets, a talent-defunct squad, to five hard-fought wins. There’s a good chance he can bring the 2018 Jets even farther.

Let’s take a look at five bold predictions for the Jets heading into the 2018 NFL season.

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