5 Brutal Statistics That Sum Up The Broncos’ 2022 Season

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Heading into the 2022 season, the Denver Broncos were one of the teams many people thought would be dark horse contenders for the Super Bowl. Denver had a strong roster and the acquisition of Russell Wilson to shore up the quarterback position was what was going to bring the team together.

While that sounded good in theory, things have not gone according to plan. The Broncos’ anemic offense has constantly cost them games throughout the season as Nathaniel Hackett looks to be in way over his head as a head coach. Hackett was hired after spending a few seasons as the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator, but when Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, that is a role anyone can excel in as Rodgers handles so much of the work himself on the field.

His system is a complex one and Wilson hasn’t looked comfortable in it at any point this season. On Sunday, they suffered yet another embarrassing loss, this time to the Las Vegas Raiders, who are also having a miserable season.

Just how bad have things been for Denver this season? As shared by Andrew Mason of 104.3 The Fan in Denver so much has gone wrong for the Broncos this season. They are now 0-3 on the season and became the first team to not score at least 20 points against the Raiders this season.

Denver has now lost six out of their last seven games as of the 2022 season and there have been only four touchdowns scored by the Broncos at home this season. They have also blown double-digit leads in their last two games as their stout defense has all the pressure on the world to get this team victories.

The Broncos are currently the lowest-scoring team in the NFL as they are last with 147 points on the season. They are wasting an excellent performance from the defense, as they are surrendering the third least amount of points per game. If Denver’s offense was just well below average, scoring 18 points per game, they would be 9-1 on the season.

The struggles of the Broncos are something that the Seattle Seahawks are going to benefit from as they own their 2023 first-round pick from the Wilson trade. That pick is trending toward being a top-10 pick, providing the surprising Seahawks with another potential franchise building block.

The Wilson trade is looking like one of the worst in recent NFL history as the Broncos not only unloaded a ton of draft capital and players to acquire him but they handed him a contract worth $245 million. This is a trade that looks as if it will negatively impact Denver for years to come.

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