5 NFL teams who could be in trouble with a loss in Week 6

Falcons, Todd Gurley
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons

The season for the Atlanta Falcons is over. Sitting at 0-5 on the year, the Falcons can only begin to plan for next season. Panic sets in because it’s time for the front office to make some major decisions. Dan Quinn is out as coach but that may not be all the moves to be made.

The core of Devonte Freeman, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones was disbanded in the offseason with Freeman being released. Now, it’s just Jones and Ryan.

How much longer will the Falcons keep that duo together when they’re not winning? Another loss in their Week 6 matchup against the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings and either one or both of their high-profile players could be placed on the trade block.

Their stock around the NFL is still high so right now will be the perfect chance to get something of value for both of them and begin their rebuild for the future.

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