5 players who could be traded at the deadline in the NFC East

Evan Engram, Giants, NFC East
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The NFC East has been one of the worst divisions in NFL history through seven games and it does not look like it is going to get any better. There are seven total wins in the division heading into Week 8.

The Philadelphia Eagles currently lead the division with a 2-4-1 record. At this point, it is their division to lose. The Eagles have struggled with injuries and could look to make a deal to improve their depth. The Dallas Cowboys were expected to compete with the Eagles, but their defense has proven to be historically bad. Once Dak Prescott went down with a season-ending ankle injury, all hope was lost and now the players are going against the coaching staff.

The current state of the division leaves the New York Giants and Washington right in the mix. If there is one surprise team, it could be Washington. They are currently 2-5 and should be 3-4 if Ron Rivera did not go for two against the Giants in Week 6. A Thursday night loss to the Eagles dropped the Giants to 1-6 and made their chances slim at making a run.

Each of the four teams has major areas where they need to improve. This could be done at the trade deadline, but they will have to give something away.

Here are five players who could be traded at the deadline from the NFC East division.

5. Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles

This is an unlikely move, but it would theoretically make sense for the Eagles moving forward. Graham has played well through seven games, which likely means that the Eagles will hang on to him, but there are other ways to go if they decide.

Graham is currently 32 years old and will carry a $17 million cap hit next season. The Eagles are going to struggle with cap space next season and there is not much to do with Graham. If he continues to play well this season, he will not restructure his deal or take a pay cut.

The defensive line is an area where the Eagles would like to stay strong. It will all come down to how they feel about Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat on the other side of the line.

Again, this is a deal that is likely not going to happen as Philadelphia is still in contention in the NFC East, but if the Eagles believe Barnett and Sweat could produce on the edge, it is possible. The Eagles will have to make some moves next season to get their salary cap situation under control.

4. Golden Tate, New York Giants

Tate signed a four-year, $37.5 million deal with the Giants and has completely underachieved. New York expected the 1,000-yard receiver of the Detroit Lions, but that is not what they got.

The face remains that there are many injuries to wide receivers around the league and Tate is a veteran. He could provide as a depth option for a contending team. That is better than being the third receiver on a bad Giants’ team.

He is a possession receiver at this point in his career. He does not have any guaranteed money left on his contract, which the Giants could use in negotiations. Tate is one of the more underrated trade targets in the NFC East.

There is little chance that Tate is back with the Giants next season. This is a chance for them to get something for him rather than letting him go for nothing.

3. Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team

This is an extremely interesting situation for Washington. They are not contenders this season, but have a real chance at making a run at the NFC East. Kerrigan was a hot name prior to the season on the trade market and this could be the time.

Kerrigan has four sacks this season. He is the franchise’s all-time sack leader with 94. There are plenty of teams in need of pass rushing help such as the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team, NFL, Seahawks, NFC East
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In 10 years, Kerrigan has missed just four games. He is owed $6.8 million for the rest of the season. That is exceptional value for a strong pass rusher. It will now all come down to if Washington wants to deal him.

The strength of Washington is its defensive line. Chase Young and Montez Sweat are both looking like the real deal this season. This gives the team a chance to look into deals for their veteran linebacker.

2. Evan Engram, New York Giants

Engram is another part of the Giants’ offense that could be dealt at the deadline. Teams have been asking about the tight end for a few years now and the Giants have held their ground. After a costly drop against the Eagles on Thursday night, fans are sick of Engram and maybe the team is as well.

The Giants picked up Engram’s fifth-year option, but how long can a player live off of potential? Engram has never made an impact on the field. In 2020, he has 26 catches for 223 yards. His only touchdown is a rushing touchdown.

New York does not seem to be actively shopping him, but could deal him if the right package comes along. And they are asking for a lot. A second-round pick might get a deal done, even though New York could be looking for more.

The fact is that Engram has been underwhelming and unreliable during his career. This is an instance where a player could benefit from a change of scenery where he is used in a different way. Engram leaving the NFC East would not be a shock.

1. Everson Griffen, Dallas Cowboys

The wheels have officially fallen off for the Cowboys. They have hit rock bottom after a 25-3 NFC East divisional loss on Sunday against Washington. The defense is extremely poor, especially in the run game, and their offensive line has been banged up.

In recent days, the Cowboys have put Griffen on the trade block. He has 20 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and a forced fumble this season. Griffen has been one of the bright spots for Dallas, but at 32 years old, he is not a part of the future.

This is a defense that is not going to get any better, so it is time to start moving some pieces around. The Cowboys currently rank 31st in points allowed and 27th in yards allowed per game.

There are bigger problems than just injury in Dallas. This is a team that is not playing together and is going against the coaches. Once Prescott went down, the team was left without a leader and it is extremely noticeable thus far. They should be big time sellers at the deadline and it begins with Griffen.

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  1. My Cowboys need to trade more than Griffen. That bloated contract of Lawrence on the other side just doesn’t seem right to the eye test. Remember when Mr.Jones allowed possible future Hall of Famer, Demarcus Ware, to walk because giving him a bloated contract, as great as he was, was not going to be the difference in an average to below average team effort. That was a smart move. Now, figure out a way to move Lawrence so more money is available to bring in more help. And, don’t even get me started on the Ezekiel Elliot $90,000,000 contract. I don’t believe there is any running back in the league that should be earning that.

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