5 rookies most likely to end up being busts from the 2020 NFL Draft

Mekhi Becton, Jets, NFL Draft, Chargers
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

3. Mekhi Becton, New York Jets 

Two left tackles taken during the first-round raised question marks among NFL fans, and both landed in the AFC East.

The Jets used the 11th overall pick on Louisville’s Mt. Mekhi Becton. The 6-7, 364-lb giant enters the league with high expectations. However, Jets fans might want to pump the breaks on Becton.

In college, Becton often faced defensive ends who were more than 100 pounds lighter than him. During this time, Becton relied almost solely on his athleticism and power, completely neglecting technique.

If you go back and watch the film, there are plenty of instances where Becton rolls over defenders, but watch his footwork, hand placement, and bend. Becton’s initial steps come at poor angles, and he doesn’t bend at the knees enough, which can cost him leverage.

Perhaps Becton’s worst quality is his hand placement. The left tackle puts his hands too wide against defenders, allowing powerful players to drive into his chest and throw him off balance.

At the NFL level, veteran defensive ends can take advantage of Becton’s flaws. He dominated in college, but Becton can’t continue using his current style in the pros.

Later in the draft, Miami used the 18th overall pick on USC’s Austin Jackson. Another physical specimen who suffers from poor technique, Jackson is a project player who could suffer major setbacks if he starts Week 1.