5 teams who should consider taking a risk on Antonio Brown

Ryan Tannehill, Titans
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans

The dominant impact of Derrick Henry in the backfield sets the tone for the Tennessee Titans’ offense. That proved to be insufficient in their efforts to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs and their high octane offense in the AFC Championship Game.

In order to take their offense to the next level, the Titans will need to add another dynamic wide receiver to pair with A.J. Brown. They capitalized significantly off play-action passing plays last season but could add additional layers to their offense by bringing in another talented receiver.

While there are off-field distractions that come with signing a player like Antonio Brown, there isn’t another way they’d be able to add a talent of his caliber. It’s worth the risk for a team on the rise as the Titans have already shown to be.


  1. I say Green Bay should get him. Him and Rodgers will tare it up. You saw what he and Brady did in just one game.

  2. Fukin retard or blind, but SF is building a NON TOXIC winning culture centered around TEAM FIRST players. Other pay attention or just plain old open your fukin eyes. Jack-ass

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