5 teams who should pursue a trade for Cardinals LB Haason Reddick at the deadline

Haason Reddick, Cardinals
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Haason Reddick has likely worn out his tenure with the Arizona Cardinals after failing to understand the defensive scheme and produce at a high level. He has never developed into the type of player the Cardinals were hoping for when they took him in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He is currently splitting time and coming off the bench for the Cardinals.

While he has not produced to the level that was anticipated, there are still going to be teams that may want to take a chance and buy low on a former top prospect.

The Cardinals will likely not receive more than a late-round pick, but that could allow them to save on cap space and target other areas of need.

Here are the top five teams that have a need and could slide Haason Reddick into the rotation or prepare him for the future.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

It has been a long time since the Cincinnati Bengals have had linebackers who can play every down and not be a liability. For years, teams have been able to target the linebacking unit in either the pass or the run game and that has let the team down on multiple occasions.

The normal way of addressing this area for the front office has been to buy low in free agency and spend late round picks hoping that they find a diamond in the rough to fill the hole. This would be a similar type move of buying on a player who has underperformed but might be able to make a revival.

Cincinnati would be playing the long game with this move, as he would not be enough to prevent this team from struggling to stop anyone on defense, but the hope would be that he could turn things around in a new place and become a viable starter in the future.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have not had the season they were hoping for through the first six games of the season. They are currently sitting at 1-4-1 and struggling to find an identity or get anything going. The most shocking thing is that they are likely viewed as one of the top teams in the division and after the injury to Dak Prescott, may be the favorites.

Only a half game out, the playoffs are still a viable option for the team.

One of the biggest names you might see this offseason is tight end Zach Ertz. If the Eagles decided that it is time for Ertz to join another team, they might be looking to get flier players like Reddick in return. This trade would likely involve more draft capital moving back and forth, but could be a win for both teams.

3. Carolina Panthers

Luke Kuechly was one of the best linebackers in the entire NFL when he decided to retire from playing the game. His retirement was a huge blow to the Panthers and one that they have not been able to fully recover from this season. There are several ways that they can address the hole, but there are other areas that will also need attention this offseason.

Similar to the majority of teams on this list, Carolina would be hoping that a change in scenery would be the key to tapping into Haason Reddick’s potential and turning him into an asset. The Panthers are going to have a hard time outpacing the Buccaneers and Saints for the rest of the season and might want to start giving different players chances to get a better idea of what direction to take in the offseason.

2. New York Giants

The New York Giants are not going to be competing for a Super Bowl any time soon, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot look at making improvements for the future.

With teams in the middle of a rebuild, the best thing that can happen is a late-round pick or free agent taken on a flier turns out to be a full-time starter. This could be the chance they are waiting for with Haason Reddick.

In a division that looks like it will be up for grabs over the next few years, taking some gambles on players could work out to be great moves for the Giants. Knowing that there are pieces in place on the offensive side of the ball that can be difference makers, the focus should shift to the defense.

Reddick could come in and become a regular player to help shore up a big hole for New York.

1. Cleveland Browns

If the Browns want to overreact to the recent dismantling at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they will likely make moves on both sides of the ball. The Steelers were able to do whatever they wanted against the Browns’ defense and it was clear that this team was not ready to compete in the playoffs against the best teams.

Haason Reddick could be used in a situational capacity until the team feels that he has a good understanding of the concepts and play calling. Cleveland could use help in getting more athletic on the back end of their defense to keep up with mobile quarterbacks and big tight ends.

While Reddick would not be the perfect fit, he could be an additional piece that could help the Browns the next time they face a good team.