7 biggest steals throughout the entire 2020 NFL Draft

NFL Draft, James Proche, Ravens
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The beauty of the NFL Draft, aside from this year’s edition providing new sports content in a sports-less world, lies in the sense of optimism it can bring for every NFL fan base.

We can debate winners and losers until the sun comes up, but the truth is, each and every team only got better through adding new players– there are no losers. There are, however, teams that did improve a little bit more than their counterparts through the additions of especially talented players.

While some players were taken before their projected draft slot, other big-name guys fell down draft boards and into the arms of eagerly awaiting teams looking to add the best possible player available. 

Talented players that fall to a spot in the draft lower than their skill level are referred to as “steals.” Every draft has its fair share of Tom Brady’s or Shannon Sharpe’s that prove to be better than their draft status would tell you, and this year’s class of college players could prove to be no different.

So, let’s go ahead and try to identify who those players could be. The ones we look back on by the end of the year and ask “how did he fall that far in the draft?”

From the first round to the last, here are seven players that could be the biggest steals of the 2020 NFL Draft.