Aaron Rodgers: 6 potential future destinations for the Packers QB

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New England Patriots

Heading into the 2020 season, the New England Patriots are expected to go with Cam Newton as their starting quarterback. He has to win the quarterback competition in training camp first but is a heavy favorite to accomplish that.

If Newton were to underwhelm or simply choose to depart to a new team, the Patriots would need to find a new quarterback. New England could give Jarrett Stidham a chance in the meantime, but ultimately, Aaron Rodgers would be too attractive of an option to pass up if he were to be made available.

Can you imagine an offense with Bill Belichick and Rodgers? Granted, it’s not the prime Rodgers, but it is still fun to think about. This could be a team to keep a close eye on when Rodgers leaves Green Bay.


  1. Please stop making drama where there is none. You and I have no clue if your preposterous claims are even going to happen. Give me proof to go with these claims and I will believe you.

  2. I’m usually not this guy, but this looks like a list that had darts thrown at it with added dialogue spun to make the pick seem smart. Only team I can see on this list actually getting him is Pittsburgh as they have no true heir in the wings atm. That said here’s five teams he actually has a chance to land on. Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Jets, Carolina, and of course Pittsburgh. There’s no way they trade him to Chicago. New England just dumped an aging qb they are not going to bring another in. (Newton was a dirt cheap one year option) Saints didn’t keep Hill to bring in another qb to block his progress. Dallas will end up paying Dak. As for the Raiders I can see them doing this to have a name in a new location but it would be a dumb move. Did anyone actually look at Carr’s numbers last year? There are quite a few starting QBs he is better than. My teams may not be the sexy attention grabbing teams, but I will take my list over this one seven days a week

  3. teams and players are always talking about loyalty. wher is it? ask Tom Brady, I guess.

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