Aaron Rodgers Reveals Thoughts On ‘Dream’ Situation With Jets

Aaron Rodgers, Jets
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Aaron Rodgers made the massive decision to leave the Green Bay Packers this offseason, with help from the Packers, which has led to a ton of excitement for him about a new chapter with the New York Jets. Rarely do players of Rodgers’ magnitude end up switching teams. This is another Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers situation all over again.

While moving on from a team can be a very exciting prospect, it can also be very challenging. For a player like Rodgers who called Green Bay home for 18 years, a lot of change is undergone with this kind of move.

That kind of change can be very overwhelming. Or, things can go smoothly and seem like a dream. That has been the case for Rodgers thus far with the Jets.

When speaking to the media, Rodgers opened up about how his time with the Jets has gone so far.

“Every day I wake up excited about coming to the facility,” Rodgers said. “Now the commute being two minutes really helps. Just rolling out of bed and heading to the facility is nice. Rocking Jets gear is a little bit strange, for sure, but every day there’s been a little special sign or synchronicity or cool moment that reminds me I’m in the right place.”

He also mentioned that it has been like a “dream month” to switch from the Packers and Jets.

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Rodgers has missed some time at OTA’s due to a calf strain. However, the injury is not expected to be anything that lingers with him.

Looking at the 2023 season for Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, the sky is the limit. Many believe that they are one of a handful of teams that could win the Super Bowl. Of course, the games have to be played and we have to see just how good the Jets actually are and how they come together with Rodgers leading the way.

In the AFC, it appears that the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals will once again be the teams to beat. The second tier of teams includes the Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, and a few other teams that could be in the mix as well.

Expect to seed a lot of pressure facing Rodgers and the Jets. With this kind of move comes major pressure and it will be up the superstar quarterback to live up to the hype.