Atlanta Falcons: 3 Best Performances in Week 9 Win vs. Redskins

Time surely does fly in the National Football League. It is already week nine in the 2019 regular season, so that means the room for error for teams to make the playoffs is extremely lessened. The Atlanta Falcons fall in that category and have to get a groove going if they hope to make the playoffs this year. It doesn’t help that the New Orleans Saints are in their division along with the Carolina Panthers. The Falcons really can’t afford any mishap that leads them to lose games.

Luckily for them, however, they came out of the bye week and got a win. The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Washington Redskins on the road 38-14. A game that initially looked like would be a tough challenge for the Falcons ended up being a relatively easy win. It was a crucial win, especially after the Saints and Panthers earned victories over their opponents. The NFC South is exceptionally tight.

Any slip up will lead to an elimination of any playoff hopes for these teams. The fact that the Atlanta Falcons obliterated the Washington Redskins shows how dangerous they are in achieving playoff glory. So how did this team serve 38 points against a great defense like Washington? Simple. It took three stellar performances for them to attain victory. With that said, here are the three best performances for the Atlanta Falcons in their win over Washington.

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