Atlanta Falcons: 3 Best Performances in Week 9 Win vs. Redskins

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Sarkisian’s play calling

Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian has indeed turned a new leaf from his debacle debut in 2017. His inept game planning and minimal adapting looks like a thing of the past, which is stunning considering his poor performance in week one against the Philadelphia Eagles. Against the Washington Redskins Sarkisian was faced with a challenging task. The Washington defense is one of the more stout defenses in the league.

However, you wouldn’t have thought so after watching the clinical play calling Sarkisian had against them. He had an answer for every aspect of the Washington defense. From the deep defensive line with Ryan Kerrigan to the quality secondary with Josh Norman. They both, along with the back end of their position group, looked average. The credit is all Steve Sarkisian’s. Of course, the players did have to execute and get the job done. However, it was Sarkisian that got them in the perfect set up position to make those plays.

What stood out the most from his play calling was his utilization of the field. He had his receivers streak the sidelines, the seams, cross or sit in the middle. With his running backs, it was swing routes or out cuts to get the linebackers to over-pursue. Sarkisian just had a vast assortment of plays to take advantage of the Redskins, and it paid off. Dropping 38 points on this stout defense is impressive. The only other team that dropped as much or more was the New Orleans Saints, which is a stellar company to be a part of. Steve Sarkisian might be a reliable offensive game planner after all.