Atlanta Falcons QB Kirk Cousins Gets Honest About Rookie QB

Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix Jr., Atlanta Falcons
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Kirk Cousins’ Atlanta Falcons were the shock of the 2024 NFL Draft when the team elected to double-dip on the quarterback room.

First, they started by getting arguably the most coveted free agent on the market in the form of Kirk Cousins. Then, they spent their highest value pick on Michael Penix Jr. This completed the biggest investment in the position of the year.

Since the NFL Draft, analysts and fans have taken turns speculating about the situation.

According to Pro Football Talk via The Cold Wire, Cousins claimed both he and Penix were learning when asked about the experience with the entire quarterback room, including Penix.

“It’s been great. You know, it continues to be kind of that working force together. There’s so much we all are kind of having to learn right now and grow together in. And so we’re doing that,” he said.

Unlike many situations in which the veteran quarterback is already well-established in the organization, both Cousins and Penix find themselves learning the basics at the same time. Cousins does have a few months on Penix. However, both could find themselves tied in knowledge about the offense by August.

If that becomes the case, Kirk Cousins will face a clear-cut competition that purely tests both players’ physical abilities. Penix was drafted for his physical longevity as Cousins, nearly 36, could hit father time at any moment.

As such, there is a chance that Cousins could get a run for his money earlier than expected.

Kirk Cousins claws toward bounce-back season

Of course, it wasn’t that long ago that his body gave out on him.

In 2023, Cousins played a mere eight games, going 4-4 in his time on the field, per Pro Football Reference. His ratio between 18 touchdowns and five interceptions looks good on paper. However, the team started somewhat off-kilter with an 0-3 start. It was only after the team had managed to climb to .500 that Cousins’ Achilles tore.

As such, recovery from injury on top of a tacit competition against Michael Penix Jr. puts Cousins on a high-wire act for 2024. Even if he survives the season, he is likely to face an even more refined Penix next year.

The Atlanta Falcons have shown they’re not afraid of a high cost to get what they want, If the Falcons wish to move on with the rookie and eat a massive dead-cap cost in 2024 or 2025, they have handed out reason to believe this is what they will do.

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