Baltimore Ravens: 3 Goals for Michael Crabtree in 2018

For the past three seasons, Michael Crabtree has spent his playing time in Oakland being the number two wideout. Since joining the Raiders in 2015, Crabtree has been very solid and was a key contributor for an offense that had success airing the ball out. Crabtree played alongside a talented WR in Amari Cooper so regardless of how Cooper played, Crabtree was considered the second option.

Now things are different for Crabtree, as he is considered the best receiver on his new team. Crabtree signed with the Baltimore Ravens this off-season. He joins a team that ranked 29th in passing last season with Joe Flacco and Co.

The Ravens’ leading receiver last year was Mike Wallace. Wallace led the team in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns with 52 receptions, 748 yards, and just four touchdowns. That is susceptible to change with the presence of Crabtree.

Michael Crabtree averaged 77 receptions, 848 yards, and eight touchdowns in his three seasons with the Raiders. That’s the type of season Ravens would love to get from Crabtree. There’s a possibility that Crabtree can top those numbers in his new home though, especially with being the main guy.

Here are a few goals Crabtree can achieve in Baltimore this season.

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