Baltimore Ravens: 3 Goals for Michael Crabtree in 2018


Limit the Drops

Michael Crabtree has always been known for dropping the football throughout his career. It’s hard for a QB to put his trust into a WR when he drops the ball a decent part of the times he’s targeted. Crabtree will need to improve in this area if he wants to build a better rapport with Joe Flacco.

Since 2014, Crabtree has been in the top 10 in the NFL in passes dropped (ninth in 2017, first in 2016, eighth in 2015, nine in 2014). That’s not a top 10 you want to be in. Crabtree did jump back eight spots from 2016-2017, which I guess is a good sign. Right? The last time he wasn’t near the top of the league in drops was 2013, when he lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl. The irony.

Crabtree will want to end his streak of being included in the group of WRs who can’t catch a ball. What better time to do it though in your 10th year in the NFL and with your new team. At least Crabtree doesn’t have to worry about Aqib Talib snatching his chain twice a year anymore (he definitely took a sigh of relief when he found this out). So if he doesn’t reach any of these goals, he’s still won in my book.