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Bears Appear To Have Final Verdict On No. 1 Overall Pick

Last year, the Chicago Bears made a bold decision that had ripple effects in the NFL community. They opted to trade away the coveted No. 1 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for the Panthers’ 2024 first-round pick.

As fate would have it, this strategic move landed them the top spot in the upcoming draft, and it appears they’ve already set their sights on their target.

According to NFL insider Jeremy Fowler from ESPN, the Bears are strongly considering using their precious No. 1 overall pick to draft a quarterback. The frontrunner for this pivotal selection is none other than USC quarterback and former Heisman Trophy recipient, Caleb Williams.

“I have talked to some people in and around the program who believe they will eventually land on a Caleb Williams or a quarterback at number 1.”

Presently, the Bears have Justin Fields, their former No. 11 overall pick, under contract for another year. However, Fields’ performance in his three seasons as the team’s quarterback has been marked by struggles, and victories have been hard to come by.

Fields did show promise with career-highs in completion percentage, passing yards, and a few wins. Nonetheless, the Bears’ dismal 2-7 start to the season effectively derailed their campaign before it could truly take off. This has led to a growing consensus within the football community that it might be in the Bears’ best interest to change course and embark on a new quarterback journey with a clean slate.

Only time will tell if this prediction ends up being true, but it does appear that Fields’ time in Chicago could be drawing to an end.

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