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Bengals QB Joe Burrow Receives Major Shade From Analyst

According to one analyst, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s status as an elite quarterback is up for debate.

Ben Solak, writing for The Ringer, recently placed Burrow in the “great” category on his quarterback tiers list, alongside players like Dak Prescott, Matt Stafford, C.J. Stroud, Trevor Lawrence, and Jordan Love.

In contrast, Solak designated Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson as “elite,” while placing Patrick Mahomes in a league of his own at the top.

It’s important to note that Burrow faced significant challenges during the season. He missed seven games due to a season-ending wrist injury and battled through a calf strain at the beginning of the year. However, some argue that these factors contribute to him being underrated.

In the eyes of NFL executives, Burrow’s ranking might be higher on such a list. Many find it hard to believe that he belongs in the same category as Love, Prescott, or Lawrence. Interestingly, even Herbert, who dealt with injuries this season, managed to maintain his elite status.

For Bengals fans, the comparison of Mahomes vs. Allen being likened to the Manning vs. Brady rivalry may raise eyebrows. Burrow’s name is increasingly being associated with the fringe top-10 quarterbacks, which may not accurately reflect his abilities, but the narrative surrounding his performance continues to evolve.

If you’d like to explore Solak’s complete tier list, you can find it below:

Do you agree with Solak? Or do you believe that Joe Burrow is still among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks?

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