Bills’ Von Miller Speaks Out On Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins Situation

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One major topic of discussion around the NFL in recent weeks has been Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. He first started grabbing headlines for the improbable comeback that he led against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. Trailing by 21 points heading into the fourth quarter, Tagovailoa threw four touchdown passes in the final stanza for a remarkable come-from-behind victory. Many players around the league have taken notice, including Buffalo Bills star Von Miller.

Tagovailoa threw six touchdowns in the game and for 469 yards. That set them up for a huge matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Week 3, where Tagovailoa once again became the center of attention. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for his play this time.

Just before the two-minute warning, Tagovailoa dropped back and threw a pass to wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. Linebacker Matt Milano was bearing down on him, but Tagovailoa was able to get the ball away. Milano still hit him, earning a roughing the passer call.

Tagovailoa was able to get up on his own but began staggering as he attempted to get back to the huddle. He fell to the ground once, looking as if he had suffered a concussion when his head hit the ground.

Evaluations and tests were done and shockingly, was back out on the field to start the second half. It was something many people questioned, as the Dolphins said it was a back injury that caused Tagovailoa to fall over in the fashion that he did, as things locked up as he tried to get back to his teammates.

People were skeptical of that, but he was cleared to return by doctors. On a short week, as the Dolphins traveled to play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football, Tagovailoa was once again hit hard, this time being slammed to the turf by Josh Tupou.

It was a scary scene as Tagovailoa had a neurological reaction with his fingers curled up because of the trauma of the head and neck injury that he suffered. It was the second traumatic injury for Tagovailoa in five days.

There have been reactions from people in football and on social media sharing their reactions to the hit and how his body responded. One of those people was Bills star Von Miller, who on the VonCast spoke out on the situation.

“He should take as much time as possible to get back to 100 percent.”

He should take as much time as needed to get back to 100 percent healthy. Some have suggested that he sit out the remainder of the season to ensure that he doesn’t suffer another concussion as the ramifications and resulting impacts would only get worse.

Second Impact Syndrome is deadly and something people believe that Tua Tagovailoa could suffer from as well. He was cleared to fly home with the team after the game, but this saga isn’t close to being over.