Denver Broncos: 3 Keys to Victory in Week 3 vs. Ravens


No. 1: Pressure Joe Flacco

Like any other quarterback in the NFL, Joe Flacco is a different guy when he is pressured. The Broncos definitely have the talent on defense to wreak havoc in a game like this.

Edge rusher¬†Von Miller is tied for the lead in sacks with four (tied with the Cleveland Browns’¬†Myles Garrett, who has actually played one more game than Miller) so far this season. Miller has always been a problem for opposing defenses since he came into the league. I guarantee the Ravens have spent this week plotting on ways to try to slow him down.

A lot of teams have tried to no avail.

There’s one interesting stat coming into this game: Miller has yet to record a sack against the Ravens. For Miller, there are only four teams he hasn’t recorded a sack against (Ravens, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints).

Will Miller extend his sack streak to begin this season to three games? We’ll have to wait and see, but my bets would be he gets at least one in the entirety of this game.

The Broncos, as a unit, currently sit at seventh in the NFL in sacks this year with seven. They’ll need to continue creating constant pressure in this game to improve to 3-0.