Broncos: 5 reasons to be excited about Denver in 2020

In the past the Denver Broncos are a team that’s primary focus has been defense. However, they have been making moves to improve their offense. While they had some struggles lat season, but Denver is a team with a ton of potential.

The knock on Denver last season was their lack of playmakers. Philip Lindsey, one of the most overlooked backs in the league, has another back to help take some of the load off. Denver is now very deep at receiver. Drew Lock showed glimpses of true star potential as well last year. The offense should be set for a breakout year.

Although Denver is not the dominant defense they once were, they are still a very formidable defense. There are new veteran pieces on the defense a well. This isn’t a defense that will be easy to score on. I expect they will actually be one of the better defenses headed into next season.

Denver has to focus on being consistent and improving with each game. They are a young team, and sometimes it takes young teams some time. It is important that the Broncos players buy into the system and stay the course. The front office made some excellent moves to put this team in a good position to compete. They are young enough that they can be a force in the future as well.

With all of that being said, here are five reasons to be excited about the Denver Broncos in 2020.