Browns: Why Odell Beckham Jr. should no longer be considered elite

Browns, Odell Beckham Jr
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Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. was once considered one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the league.

There’s no denying OBJ has the talent and some of the best hands in the league. Every football fan has seen the infamous catch against the Cowboys.

But since 2017, Beckham Jr. is no longer the same wide receiver that he was in his early days with the Giants. He comes with A LOT of baggage, from his sideline antics to his off-the-field stunts. It’s part of the reason why he was shipped from New York to the Cleveland Browns.

It hasn’t worked out in Cleveland either. Beckham Jr. has been a serviceable receiver for Baker Mayfield, but he by no means is putting up numbers like he used to.

With that, here are three reasons Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. should no longer be considered elite.


  1. Yeah like above commentor said BS. your last point wasnt a point at all. I never wanted OBJ but he has not been the distraction here as he has been with the Giants. In fact a few occasions like Mayfield they even were a tad humble compared to last years freddie kitchens we’ll win it all. So yeah. Also everyone seems to forget Freddie mest up all these guys before the season started. I remember ppl saying a ton of guys were dropping like flys being injured due to his crazy long over the top practices. Give him this year and next years bumbersand revisit this. Someone can be elite still while having down injured years in between. I do believe he still possesses greatness and again I wasnt for this guy one bit but he’s settled down the major headaches so I’ll show my respect back by giving him time.

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