Cardinals: 3 Keys for Josh Rosen to Unlock Full Potential

It’s been a rough start to the career of Josh Rosen.

After being named the starter in relief of the disappointing play by Sam Bradford, he hasn’t shown that he’s the savior of the Cardinals just yet. His stats so far are not in the team’s favor. So far they read:

  • He’s completed 55.8 percent of his passes (32nd in the league) for 1,280 passing yards with a ratio at six touchdowns to eight interceptions.
  • Rosen ranks 33rd in the league in both passer rating (67.8) and yards per attempt (6.2).
  • He also is ranked 28th in sack percentage with a lowly 9.2, and he has the sixth highest interception percentage with 3.8.

It’s going to take a lot for him to bounce back from this poor beginning with just six weeks left in the season. So it’s crucial for the team to work on finding a solution for the former Bruin to reach his full potential.

Luckily enough, he still has a shot at correcting this after his rookie season is over. So here are three ways Josh Rosen can get the most out of himself.