Cardinals: 5 Trade Scenarios for Patrick Peterson

It’s not been a good year for the Cardinals so far. They’re 1-6, struggling with their rebuild, and now their All-Pro cornerback, Patrick Peterson wants a trade.

There’s no doubt that the value for the former LSU Tiger is exceptionally high and there should be teams wanting him before the trade deadline. Although the Cardinals and coach Steve Wilks aren’t budging that he isn’t available.

We’re not trading Patrick. That’s out of the question.

Although with the adamant claims of not wanting to lose the talented defensive back, there can be a trade that would be too good to pass up. Plenty of teams can use the services of the Pro Bowler on their defense, and the valuation can be good enough to force Arizona’s hand.

But what’s the price that the team is willing to give up for him? That’s the critical part.

And no we’re not going to bring up the Saints on here even though Peterson wants to be there.

The Saints have already made a trade with the Giants to acquire Eli Apple.

And the draft capital that the Saints have now isn’t that much either.

  • Their 2019 first-round pick was traded in the last draft to the Packers to select Marcus Davenport.
  • The 2019 third-round pick is with the Jets after trading for Teddy Bridgewater during the preseason.
  • And now their 2019 fourth-round pick is with the Giants along with their seventh-round pick for the 2020 Draft for Eli Apple.

With that being said let’s look into the five trade scenarios for Patrick Peterson.