Cardinals: 5 Trade Scenarios for Patrick Peterson

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

4. New England Patriots

The Patriots have pulled crazier moves. From trading players away talents like Brandin Cooks, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Arizona’s own Chandler Jones. To making moves to get talents like Aqib Talib, Kyle Van Noy, and Josh Gordon. The Patriots are always open to making trades to get high-profile players.

A guy like Patrick Peterson isn’t too far out of the question for the Patriots who have been underwhelming in their pass coverage for some time now. They’re currently 25th in the league in defending the pass and have given up at least 300 passing yards to four different quarterbacks and five 100-yard receivers including two against the Chiefs (Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt).

Pairing him with Stephon Gilmore would help bolster the pass defense even further. It would take them back to the days in which they had Aqib Talib or Darrelle Revis as a number one cornerback during their Super Bowl years a few years ago.

The only problem with them is that they have low cap space. So New England would need to change some things before grabbing the All-Pro defensive back. They have draft capital, so they will be good to send the right offer.

Trade Scenario: Peterson to the Patriots for 2019 first-round pick and a third-round pick (via Detroit)


  1. So trade him to teams that will most likely make the playoffs or have low draft picks if they don’t manage to sneak into the playoffs? The guy has a couple of years of below market value on his contract and he’s an All-Pro. Sure. Trade him to a team that’ll get the #32 pick in the draft. Wow. Cleveland, Tennessee, Indy, Houston…not San Fran lol…NYJ. Those are the teams with the most cap space left AND aren’t really going to make a whole lot of noise. CLE or NYJ would be my teams of choice seeing as they’re not making a lot of noise this year, have a ton of cap space, good QBs, and are on the rise. Win for AZ in that it’ll be good picks coming back, win for the trading team in that it gets Peterson, and win for Peterson in that he gets his trade request fulfilled.

    On second thought…keep him until next year just before the draft. If he’s still wanting out, trade with a team after you know their draft slot. They’d still get two more seasons of Peterson under a great contract and AZ will know where they’re picking.

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