CBS Sports predicts the Chargers will acquire Cam Newton

Cam Newton has been one of the most talked about names of the NFL offseason so far. He has been mentioned in trade rumors over the last few weeks, but the Carolina Panthers appear to have thrown support behind him coming back for one more season at least in 2020.

CBS Sports has made a bold prediction for Newton. They have predicted that the Los Angeles Chargers will still end up acquiring Newton from the Panthers this offseason.

On the Chargers’ end, they’re getting ready to open a new stadium in 2020, and they haven’t exactly done a good job of selling tickets. Adding a superstar like Newton, who was the NFL’s MVP just five years ago, would no doubt help the team sell some tickets at the box office. From a football perspective, a healthy Newton would be a monstrous step up from Tyrod Taylor. 

Los Angeles has made the tough decision to move on from longtime quarterback Philip Rivers this offseason. It’s a tough move, but a new era of football needed to begin. Newton would be a great replacement for him.

Newton was only able to play in two games last season for the Panthers before going down with an injury. Back in 2018, however, he completed 67.9 percent of his pass attempts for 3,395 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He also racked up 488 yards and four touchdowns in that season.

At 30 years old, Newton still has a few years left in his prime. Injuries are a major concern with him, but all reports out of Carolina have stated that he is making great progress in his recovery. If he returns to 100 percent, the Chargers would be getting a legitimate star.

It will be interesting to see what the Chargers end up doing at quarterback. Tyrod Taylor could be given a shot, but acquiring Newton would be a much better move.

Expect to hear plenty more rumors about Newton in the coming weeks. The Panthers may not end up moving him, but if they do, watch out for the Chargers.