3 reasons Chargers S Derwin James could be a DPOY candidate in 2020

Derwin James, Chargers

Already Displayed Elite Versatility

This is a very bold statement, but Derwin James is the most versatile player in the NFL. This comes even after Lamar Jackson breaks Michael Vick’s QB rushing record and Christian McCaffrey has over 1,000 yards receiving and rushing.

If James were to strictly play defensive end, he would have over 10 sacks. If the Chargers moved him to linebacker, he could lead the NFL in tackles. They move him to the corner spot and he is a lockdown corner who completely takes a receiver out of the game. He is simply an incredible football player.

Talent isn’t all that James has going for him, though. He also has incredible instincts. He knows what the offense will do, almost as if he is in the huddle with them. That is a rare gift for someone who is so new to the league. After almost a full year of being able to just study the playbook and look on from the sidelines, his knowledge of the game has undoubtedly increased.

It’s safe to say, James’ versatility makes him the ultimate chess piece. He is a maniac when rushing the passer, a hawk in the secondary, and a monster when shutting down the run. Move him anywhere on the field and he is better than his competition. That is something you can’t really say about any other player.