3 reasons Chargers S Derwin James could be a DPOY candidate in 2020

Derwin James, Chargers
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

He’s Healthy Again

Derwin James was injured for most of the season. He had a fantastic rookie year, but the injury really robbed him of any sort of progress. Sure, mental reps are important to understanding the scheme but they don’t compare to full-speed reps. With James fully healthy, he can put those mental reps to good use.

With all the rest he got last season when sidelined because of his injury, James is going to come into this year with fresh legs. He’s young enough where he can bounce back from injury quickly. It isn’t uncommon for young players to miss time with injury and actually come back and play better than they did prior.

The time away from football also could have made James hungry to prove himself. Most of the attention for best safety in the NFL has gone to the likes of Jamal Adams, Minkah Fitzpatrick, or Tyrann Mathieu. It seems as though some people have forgotten about James.

This season, James appears primed to remind everyone who he is by playing life a Defensive Player of the Year candidate.