5 Reasons the Los Angeles Chargers Will Win the AFC West in 2018

For years, the Los Angeles Chargers have been that “other” team in the AFC West. But for more than a few good reasons, they’ll sit atop the division in 2018. Here’s why.

If you’re looking for a team to bet on to win its division in 2018 (other than the New England Patriots, perhaps), look no further than the Los Angeles Chargers.

Sure, the NFL would probably prefer one of its other marquee AFC West teams — like the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos or Kansas City Chiefs — to pull off this feat. It would be better for ratings, and those franchises don’t have to play at a temporary home like the StubHub Center filled mostly with fans of the Chargers’ opponents.

That doesn’t matter to the Chargers, though. In fact, pulling off a divisional crown since 2009 would be the exact thing L.A. needs to get behind this under-the-radar franchise — one that was on the doorstep of the playoffs a year ago.

It won’t be easy, however. While the AFC West took a massive hit last year instead of being the powerhouse many thought it would be after 2016, there are still going to be hurdles the Chargers will need to overcome within the division.

Outside of it too.

Fortunately, many of the signs are pointing to L.A. being capable of doing just that. As long as things go well enough for quarterback Philip Rivers and Co., the Chargers will be securing that elusive divisional championship once Week 17 is in the books.

Here are five reasons why.

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