Chicago Bears: 4 Positives from the Week 1 Loss to Green Bay Packers

Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack
Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

The Chicago Bears suffered a devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers in their 2018 season opener. Even so, they showed plenty of good things to give fans hope for the season.

Well, the 2018 Chicago Bears season is underway. Already, though, fans felt a blow to the gut. The Bears came out like gangbusters, holding the Green Bay Packers to a three-and-out, then going out and marching 86 yards down the field scoring a touchdown. They then held the Packers again, then marched down and kicked a field goal. The game couldn’t start any better for the Bears.

When the first half was done, the Bears owned a 17-0 lead, knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game, and looked nothing the losing teams that played over the past several seasons. Then they had to play the second half and everything changed.

After the Bears got another field goal, Rodgers came back and engineered a 24-3 run that won the game. Rodgers added to his legend and continued his magic spell over the Bears. It was just another example of how dominant the Packers are over the Bears?

Or was it?

Yes, this was an ugly loss. It might take a couple of days to get over. The good thing about it, however, is that this game also provided fans with some hope for the season going forward. With some fine-tuning and better conditioning, the wins will come.

Let’s take a look at some of the positives from this game:

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  1. Kyle Fuller sucks I could have caught that pass that was dropped instead of intercepted which would have won the game. He also can’t cover anybody He should be benched or in lieu of that shot!

  2. This article is misleading . Matt started to pass more because even tho how are had 82 yards he was getting stopped especially on third downs idk how many attempts he had but he was getting stopped I only seen one or two big gains . Also i don’t see this offense improving maybe a bit but not even good . This was against a un proven secondary and a okay defense . N the leno thing idk what u mean cuz when I moved to the right side , they plays were pretty bad maybe one or two gains . I only agree with defense ;however , not special lol our secondary sucksss still Eddie Jackson may be a sophmore slump. Kyle is not worth his contract n Prince did badd letting big gains get to him . With that being said I say we stay top 10. I’m a die hard fan but it’s the truth , truth waited all year for this game just to end like this . Fast forward , we be smart to move on from Mitch . Yes I’m bold to say that already . Trust me , you will REMEBER this post

  3. I think Fuller will tighten up as the pass rush gets even better. Roquan AND Mack AND Akeem AND Leonard (when he’s on) should almost be unfair. Fuller played decent enough. He was completely stretched and right with the receiver on that long bomb – though he’s probably still kicking himself over that missed INT. I’m more worried about Prince on the other side. Plus I think Mitch will turn out to be more Brees than Grossman. He needs time to develope into the offense with all these new guys to throw to. I mean he had a completely different cast last year, not to mention an entirely different scheme. This was game one against the best in the business and they barely, BARELY got out of there with the win. My arrows pointing up on the Midway Monsters – even though, admittedly, I’m a homer.

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