Chicago Bears QB Caleb Williams Is Silencing His Haters

Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears
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When the Chicago Bears selected Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the level of expectations surrounding him were monumental.

Williams was touted as one of the best quarterback prospects since Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow, and while that could still be the case, the internet got after the Bears’ quarterback after a tough second day of OTAs.

However, in the next practice, Caleb Williams silenced the haters.

Caleb Williams silences haters in most recent performance in Bears’ OTAs

On Friday’s practice for the Chicago Bears, quarterback Caleb Williams completed 13/15 passes in the 7-on-7 drill against the first-team defense, connecting with D.J. Moore for a score. On top of the impressive 7-on-7, Williams and the Bears offense put up a strong performance in the situational drill, in which the offense ended with points.

Now, something to note is that a portion of the Chicago Bears’ starting defense wasn’t performing on the third day of OTAs, but that shouldn’t diminish Williams’ performance.

Through the entire pre-draft process and beyond, haters have been abundant. Whether it be his choice in style, the act of painting his nails, or overall having a swagger about himself, the haters come in flocks whenever he’s anything but perfect.

The Bears haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Jay Cutler, or before then, Sid Luckman. Many younger fans have to go and google who Sid Luckman is, as he was playing in the era of leather helmets and colorless TV.

Now, the Chicago Bears have the chance to have a franchise quarterback under their belt, and the Bears haters are gnawing at the opportunity to watch them fail like they have in the past.

But, this time rings a different tone. Sure, that’s been said before, but the Bears have never had a No. 1 overall quarterback, despite being one of the original NFL teams.

But, as Chicago Bears fans have gotten used to saying, “It’s going to work this time!”

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