Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Rips NFL Over Major Rule Change

Travis Kelce, Chiefs
NFL Analysis Network

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is not one to hold back when sharing his opinion. He has provided many viral clips in post-game interviews and was a must-see during the team’s Super Bowl celebration.

It should be no surprise that he has transitioned into the world of podcasting, along with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, so seamlessly. On their New Heights podcast, the Kelce brothers recently discussed some of the rule changes that have been approved by the NFL.

The Kelce brothers joined the side of people who weren’t thrilled at the changes, which seems to be the majority. One of the rules that changed was on kickoffs. No matter where a ball is fair caught now, it will be placed at the 25-yard line. The Chiefs’ star was staunchly against this change.

“I think this is absolutely stupid, I don’t think this is making the game safe; I think it’s making it more boring and taking a lot of excitement out of the game’s opening play. This is whack.”

The spring football leagues adapted different kickoff rules that did draw praise, so it was surprising that the NFL didn’t try something similar. In the XFL, kickoff teams line up closer to each other to diminish the big, high-speed collisions but kick returners still get a chance to showcase their skills more consistently.

Rules like the one the NFL just implemented would have robbed us of seeing someone like former Chiefs special teams standout Dante Hall. He was an electric return man, providing big play after big play on kickoff and punt returns.

That part of the game, which teams can create an edge during with good coaching and preparation, is being phased out. Travis was also against another new rule that pertains to having a third quarterback. 

That likely stems from the San Francisco 49ers’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game earlier this year. Brock Purdy injured his elbow and his backup, Josh Johnson, was ruled out with an injury shortly after. It left them without a healthy quarterback, essentially ending the game.

“Such b******, they’re basically saying if the 49ers had a 3rd quarterback, they would’ve gone to the Super Bowl,” Travis said. He would likely be correct about that assumption, as the Chiefs know all about rule changes being made from a game they were involved in.

The league changed the overtime rules after Kansas City beat the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round last year. The Bills never got the ball in overtime as a back-and-forth affair with late-game fireworks was ended when the Chiefs scored quickly on the first drive of overtime.

Allowing a third quarterback to be active in certain situations can help keep a competitive balance in a game. But, it will also have an impact on how teams set their rosters. A player at a different position could now be cut which would normally make the roster if every team is going to hold onto three quarterbacks to take advantage of the rule change.