Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow Receives Wild Take from Analyst

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals
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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is raring to go for the 2024 season. Given how disappointing the 2023 campaign was, he is motivated to get back on the field and show people he is still one of the best in the business.

2023 got off to a slow start for Joe Burrow as he recovered from a calf injury suffered early in training camp. It took him four games to find a rhythm, shaking off the rust from the injury that sidelined him most of camp.

Unfortunately, once he found his groove, another injury occurred. He suffered a season-ending wrist injury against the Baltimore Ravens, ending his season after 10 games.

Recently, he sent a bold warning to the rest of the NFL. People are sleeping on him and the Cincinnati Bengals, but he is going to make them remember just how good they can be.

In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals advanced to the AFC Championship Game. The first time they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs but lost in the rematch a year later.

Despite that previous success, one NFL analyst believes that the 2024 season is a make-or-break one for Joe Burrow. Former player Emmanuel Acho shared the hot take during a recent segment on SPEAK on FS1.

Acho made an interesting comparison between the Cincinnati Bengals star and Carson Wentz. Wentz was on the star trajectory early in his career before a knee injury derailed that.

In Year 2 of his career, he was on pace to win the MVP and lead the Philadelphia Eagles into the postseason. Instead, it was Nick Foles who led the team to a Super Bowl over Tom Brady and Wentz’s star quickly faded.

Health is what kept Wentz from staying at the top of the quarterback rankings. Acho is hoping that isn’t the path Joe Burrow also goes down, as he has suffered two season-ending injuries in his four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals.

During the segment, Acho admitted that he believes Joe Burrow is the second-best quarterback in the NFL behind Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs. But, more needs to be done for him to solidify that standing and the belief he is the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Kansas City’s star.

That is an odd comment from Acho. Over the last few years, Joe Burrow is the only one who has been able to do it in the postseason other than Tom Brady.

However, if the Cincinnati Bengals want to remain in that tier, they need to keep their franchise quarterback healthy. He has taken a lot of hits early in his career that will eventually catch up to him.

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