Cleveland Browns: 3 X-Factors for the 2018 NFL Season

The Cleveland Browns will enter the 2018 NFL season with expectations for the first time in years. Are they expected to lose some games? Yes. Are they expected to make a run for the playoffs? No. But one writer (myself) believes that the Browns are destined to turn a few heads this season.

The Browns are one of those teams forced to start from the foundation up. After years of striking out on draft picks, missed opportunities in free agency, and just bad luck, it seems they have found a four-leaf clover. However, the season has yet to start and Browns’ players are already talking Super Bowl. It’s a bit early for that but the element of surprise is there.

Their first order of business is to make sure their new talent can mesh with the old and that Hue Jackson is the right man to bring it all together. If the team should fail, can it be any worse than the 0-16 season they endured in 2017? Will two wins be enough to label this team a success or do they have to make the playoffs?

With two new QBs on the roster, which one will begin the season under center? Did they make the right draft choice by passing on Bradley Chubb? The 2018 Browns will be a team of questions, hope, and desperation. In order for their climb out of the basement to be official, they will need players to perform at an All-Pro level.

Here are three X-Factors for the Cleveland Browns 2018 NFL season.

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