Colts looked at another quarterback before Carson Wentz deal

The Colts seem to have their guy in Carson Wentz, but they pursued another another veteran quarterback seemingly right to the end

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As other suitors seemed to remove themselves, the Indianapolis Colts stood alone as a landing spot for Carson Wentz. On Thursday, the deal got done. The Colts will send a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 second-round pick, which could become a first, to Philadelphia. Wentz will reunite with Frank Reich, the Colts’ head coach and the former Eagles’ offensive coordinator.

The retirement of Philip Rivers put the Colts firmly into the quarterback market, with ample cap space (again) to put all options on the table. As ideal and inevitable as getting Wentz seemed to be, the Colts were definitely interested in Matthew Stafford. He was not the only quarterback they pursued.

According to Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts were among the teams that called the Raiders about Derek Carr.

It’s easy to think the Raiders will move on from Carr as soon as it’s viable. Which is to say, as soon as they can land an upgrade. Carr is not their chief issue, but his ceiling draws easy (and not good) comparisons to Kirk Cousins. But the reports are consistent thus far that Carr is not available. The Raiders may prefer to trade backup Marcus Mariota.

Did the Colts settle for Carson Wentz?

It’s a chicken or the egg scenario, to be sure. But it’s worth wondering if the Colts made the same offer to the Raiders for Carr that they did to the Eagles. When they were turned down, did the moved to the Eagles and get that deal done for Wentz? Maybe it didn’t even get to the offer stage if things only ramped up recently from Indianapolis’ end. But David Carr of NFL Network did say earlier this month the Raiders have gotten offers for his brother, and they turned them down.

Colts GM Chris Ballard likely pursued multiple trade avenues (or had multiple “lines in the water”) for a quarterback, as he should’ve. But if he called about Carr before really pursuing a deal for Wentz, that’s an automatic indictment of Wentz. Reich surely was asked for input. If he wasn’t sure he can fix Wentz, there’s no other coach who would’ve had that belief. How long will it be before the Colts see what some have always seen? Wentz is overrated, and it seems like Reich might know it if the Colts ultimately went down their list to settle for him.