Commanders QB Sam Howell Reveals Very Strange Eating Habits

Sam Howell, Commanders
NFL Analysis Network

Oftentimes, athletes are very conscious about what they put into their bodies. They want to intake whatever will help them not only improve their performance on the field but help them recover when they are off of it. Nothing is different when it comes to Washington Commanders rookie quarterback Sam Howell.

Nutritionists will build meal plans for them to help build muscle to get stronger and maintain that strength throughout their lengthy seasons. Sometimes there are dietary restrictions that will complicate things, but they will do their best to figure something out.

But, what if that dietary restriction isn’t health-related, but chosen, such as the case with new Washington Commanders quarterback, Sam Howell. Howell recently shared some of his eating habits, which some people would find very strange.

Howell revealed that he only eats chicken and no other meat. He has never tried a burger or a steak and will not eat seafood. Chicken tenders are the only thing he eats, as that is what he orders whenever he has been to a steakhouse and he will even bring his own tenders to team dinners to ensure that he has something to eat.

That is certainly something that will likely get him some razzing from teammates. Chicken tenders are usually the go-to meal for children when they go out, not professional athletes, but to each his own.

If Howell plays well on the field, no one is going to care what he eats off of it. A fifth-round pick, No. 144 overall, he will certainly have his work cut out for him getting onto the field, but the Commanders are getting a quarterback that is studious, hard-working and willing to put in the time to reach his potential.

If eating chicken tenders will help him achieve that, then so be it. The Commanders will ensure that he has the best chicken tenders at every meal if it will help them win football games wherever Howell gets on the field.