Could The Steelers Do The Unthinkable By Trading This Player?

Mike Tomlin, Cameron Heyward, Steelers
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Over the last few years under general manager Omar Khan, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been uncharacteristically active in the offseason. Their philosophy is normally drafting and developing players, but they went outside the organization to plug a few holes this offseason.

The biggest change is at quarterback. Their entire depth chart from last season is gone. Kenny Pickett was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, Mitchell Trubisky was waived and Mason Rudolph departed in free agency.

Replacing them are veterans Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. They will be tasked with turning around an offense that has left a lot to be desired since Ben Roethlisberger retired.

Finding success offensively will put the Steelers in a great position to succeed. They have a very strong defense with Pro Bowlers and All-Pros at every level. But, could a major change be coming on that side of the ball as well?

Over at Bleacher Report, Kristopher Knox has pitched some of the top trade candidates for the Steelers heading into training camp. One of the players Knox listed is long-time defensive tackle Cameron Heyward.

“If the Steelers are thinking of moving on from Heyward in 2025, trading him now could be an enticing option. He’s still a terrific player, and given the rising value of defensive tackles, he’d undoubtedly bring a strong return…

Pittsburgh is unlikely to actively shop Heyward, but he’d be a massive trade chip i the team is eager to make a blockbuster move,” Knox wrote.

The NFL is a business, but the Steelers are never going to shop Heyward. If a trade is going to be sought, it will be a mutual decision between both sides where they seek out the best route for him and the team.

This offseason, Heyward made his stance clear. He wants an extension and skipped offseason workouts attempting to angle for one as he enters the final season of his contract.

If the Steelers do trade Heyward during training camp, they would save $16 million in 2024. That is money they could use elsewhere on the roster, such as a wide receiver.

Whatever assets Pittsburgh received for Heyward they could try and flip for someone such as wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. The Steelers don’t want to move Heyward, but it could ultimately be what is best for the team.

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