Cowboys: 3 ways Dak Prescott signing franchise tag impacts Dallas

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Prescott Doesn’t Intend To Holdout

While it never was in question, the Dallas Cowboys do not have to worry about Dak Prescott trying to pull off a holdout. His choice to sign the franchise-tender shows that he will willingly play in 2020 without having reached a long-term contract agreement.

The willingness from Prescott to play under the tag could pay off significantly as long as he manages to stay healthy. The cost for the Cowboys to apply the franchise tag on him goes up each time it is used, meaning it becomes more logical for Dallas to eventually give into what he wants.

Something to take into consideration is that quarterback deals seemingly increase in size every year. The NFL salary cap could end up being impacted by not having fans in the stands like usual, so not signing an extension does come with that risk factor.