Cowboys: 3 ways Dak Prescott signing franchise tag impacts Dallas

Dak Prescott, Cowboys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Keeps Potential Speculation Going

By Dak Prescott still not being signed to a contract extension, there will continue to be outside noise and speculation about his future with the Dallas Cowboys. This will only intensify as the July 15 deadline for a potential contract extension comes and goes.

The speculation would continue about Prescott’s contract situation throughout the 2020 season if he were to play on the franchise tag. Both sides would be right back where they started next offseason with the need to come to an agreement.

There will simply need to be some compromise from one side before an agreement can be reached. It could become even more complicated a year down the line if the stances stay the same for both sides considering it had to do with the years of the deal and not compensation.