Cowboys Legend Has ‘Wavering’ Confidence In Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott, Cowboys
NFL Analysis Network

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys suffered a tough defeat during Wild Card weekend. They lost to their long-time rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, 23-17 and trailed by as many as 16 points in the game.

It was a pretty poor performance all around for Dallas, who struggled to build any momentum in any facet of the game. A lot of people are focusing on the final play of the game, when Dak Prescott scrambled, without any timeouts, and did not leave enough time for the referees to spot the ball and Cowboys to get set to spike it and stop the clock.

But, that was just a culmination of what was a bad day for the Cowboys. There was plenty that went wrong before that to put them in the position that they were in.

How about the 14 penalties that were called against them, resulting in 89 yards for the 49ers. One of the most bizarre penalties was a delay of game following a successful fake punt. Dallas left their special teams unit on the field for some reason and let the play clock run. The play clock reset to 25, they subbed the offense back in and still was whistled for a delay of game.

There was a list of reasons that the Cowboys fell short on Sunday afternoon. They lost the time of possession battle by nearly eight minutes. Dallas had no answer for Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel on the ground, while they abandoned the run pretty early on themselves, as Ezekiel Elliott had only 12 rushes and Tony Pollard had four.

One play is being focused on, but the Cowboys wouldn’t have even been in that position had they executed for an extended period of time before that. And now, they are coming under fire.

The Cowboys have a rich history and plenty of legends have suited up for them. One of them is Drew Pearson, who spent his entire 11-year Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys. He was not happy about what he saw from Prescott and his confidence in the franchise quarterback is wavering.

“I’m just wavering now with Dak. I saw regression as the season went on — that’s a disappointment at $40 million a year. It’s not about the money, it’s about that player playing the position and not improving, declining in a year where we started out so well… We almost had the NFC East won in the first seven weeks. Then we started going downhill. A lot of it was on the offensive side of the ball, and a lot of it was predicated by the play of the quarterback.”

The Cowboys invested a ton of money into their offense in Prescott, Elliott and Amari Cooper. To perform, as a whole, in the fashion they did against the 49ers is unacceptable. As Pearson pointed out, it has been a consistent issue all season despite having some great offensive minds in Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore on the coaching staff.

Prescott has produced some gaudy numbers in his career, but he has been unable to come through at times when the team needs him most. He isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but there could be people within the organization who share the same sentiment with Pearson when it comes to their franchise quarterback.