Dallas Cowboys Coach Makes Bold Statement On 2024 Rookie Class

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys
NFL Analysis Network

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has been around the block in the NFL, to say the least.

Between coaching Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Jordy Nelson, CeeDee Lamb, and countless others, the coach has seen it all. However, one thing he professed he hasn’t seen is a better draft class than the one the team got in 2024.

Cowboys reporter Nicole Hutchison posted what McCarthy said on Tuesday on Twitter/X:

“‘They come in on the weekends, and I see them doing the extra. Those are the things i look for. [I look for] their interactions with the coaches, their ability to communicate.’ McCarthy also added that they ‘haven’t had a [draft] class that’s better than this class.'”

Of course, there remain some unanswered questions about McCarthy’s statement.

Was he referring to the best class he had seen since he arrived on the team after getting fired from the Packers in 2018? On the other hand, was he referring to the class as the best he had ever seen in his life as a professional in the National Football League?

Both statements are quite different.

Either way, the Cowboys class received a round of applause from one of the biggest names in the building, which stands for something in the eyes of many.

Mike McCarthy’s statement offers compliment to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones needed a quality rookie class perhaps as badly as any general manager in the league. He didn’t need it because he was attempting to do well enough to keep his job, like many general managers who don’t own the team.

Rather, Jones needed a quality rookie class to help fortify the team against potential problems amid three massive ongoing negotiations for the team.

Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons are due massive amounts of cash within the next 12-24 months. As such, there will be either fewer resources to go around or a need for young players to help mask losing any of the stars of the team.

Based on McCarthy’s words, it appears that Jones may have delivered on bringing in new talent while effectively skipping free agency. Of course, with Mike McCarthy’s job potentially on the line, it would take plenty of courage to compliment his draft class with anything less than praise.

That said, McCarthy calling a draft class one of the best he’s seen might be a step over what he could have said. He could have said they were “very good,” and left it at that. However, he decided to go one step farther.

Will the Dallas Cowboys rookies deliver on what McCarthy’s praise has indicated?

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